Requiem for Ferdie

 (Read by the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines – NUJP Davao

and Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas – KBP-Davao/Region XI,

for Ferdie Lintuan

as he was laid to his grave on December 30, 2007, Buhangin Memorial Park, Davao City)



As we gather in this place of rest and quiet today, we remember with pain and anguish that fateful eve of Christmas when assailants pumped bullets into Fernando Batman Lintuan, our colleague; his crusading voice in the air lanes, we can no longer hear.


It is now forever silenced…


Today we lay Ferdie to rest. But what peace if justice is not yet served? If the masterminds are not yet caught? What peace when we continue to be confronted by the reality that journalists are still not free from conditions that make press freedom in this country far from how it should be?


This light we carry is the symbol, that just as it chases away the dark, through our unwavering fight for justice, the flicker that brings the truth about his death, in the end, prevails.


Goodbye, Ferds, our colleague, an imperfect soul, yes. But a true friend to all, a fellow traveler, a media crusader…


We shall keep the light burning!






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