Thank you, Rep. Romualdez

First off, I would like to personally thank Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez of the First District of Leyte for coming to the rescue of the National Press Club and fiercely upholding press freedom.

As paramount NPC director and on behalf of the other officers of the NPC, let me extend our deepest gratitude to Rep. Romualdez for bravely taking up the cudgels for members of the Fourth Estate who are increasingly being straitjacketed by the government in the exercise of their constitutional rights to unrestrained coverage.

We find comfort and reassurance in the freshman congressman’s words in defense of free reporting and the public’s right to know.

“We have to protect press freedom and the people’s right to information. The government must move to make a more harmonious relationship with the media,” said Romualdez, a banker, lawyer, and teacher.

He made the appeal following massive protests set off by the Department of Justice’s threat to prosecute print and broadcast journalists, including cameramen and photographers, who allegedly stand in the way of police operations.

Journalists and even plain freedom-loving citizens owe the good congressman a debt of gratitude.

Thank you again, sir, at mabuhay po kayo!


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