Ricky Gelido


Just recently, the two biggest Philippine media networks ABS-CBN and GMA 7 waged war over TV ratings. Attacks and counter-attacks have been made. They have been exchanging blows. TV plugs from both camps have been issued. They have even brought the issue to the court. Both say thatthey are after the truth.

But no matter what the two networks say, they are really after theratings.

Both networks have claimed that they are after the interest of the general public. If they are fighting for being the no. 1 in public service, they must think a second time.

What about an alternative? UNTV 37 offers true public service. UNTV 37 is committed to public service. From the heart. It is global. It is genuine. It is godly.

Watch Good Morning Kuya (GMK) that was conceptualized and hosted by Daniel Razon. You will realize that this is different and that the counterparts you see in other stations are just for entertainment. You will realize that the other stations are just for ratings.

In their long existence, have they offered free medical and legal services to the needy? Perhaps. But not everyday like UNTV does. They have their morning programs, Umagang Kay Ganda for ABS-CBN and Unang Hirit for GMA 7, but have they done what Good Morning Kuya has been doing? Of course, GMK there is a segment, Munting Pangarap, which give dole outs for the less-fortunate.

The two “giant” networks had not done what UNTV has been doing.

Who did first the Libreng Sakay? Who did first the Free Ride in MRT for the senior citizens? Mr. Public Service, Daniel Razon and UNTV 37 truly made a breakthrough in Philippine media.

Amidst their senseless war, UNTV 37 continues to serve the public.

There is a big difference between commitment to public service and commitment to ratings. There is a big difference between commitment to public service and commitment to entertainment.

As the two “giant” networks fight over ratings, one small network with a big heart is continually offering what the big networks do not offer. As they wrestle for popularity or fame, one dwarf station makes a gigantic leap of reaching out the people. One television station is striving to live by its commitment to public service.


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