Oozing Tears for US$150M

Robert Bolisay, Jr.

Just got a message this morning that says the alleged kick back the former Commission on Election chairman Benjamin Abalos Sr. was asking from the US$329 million national broadband network deal between the China’s ZTE Corporation and the Philippines is worth P6.5 billion (US$150 million).

That amount is more than half the entire government’s budget for the Department of Health and more than five times of the yearly budget of the Philippine General Hospital.

Six point five billion pesos (US$150 million) can pay for 49,000 patients who need open heart surgery, and 325,000 patients who need cataract surgery.

Hold your tears; there’s one more.

The amount can purchase antibiotics for at least 6,500 patients.

This was just one (1) anomalous deal. One corrupt government official.

Many Filipinos are dying without the benefit of healthcare. A lot of poor patients die because they cannot afford the medical service they need.

Ok, now, we may allow that saline fluid ooze on our cheeks from our eyes.

Or…is shedding tears the only thing you can do?

— Robert Bolisay Jr.


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