Trammeled Search for Truth

Ricky Gelido

Via the 9-6 vote by the justices, the Supreme Court favored former NEDA chairman Romulo Neri on the executive privilege case.

The Supreme Court decision on the Neri petition has drawn different comments, depending on what fence people belong to.

No other than the Chief Justice Reynato Puno had his blunt dissenting opinion about the point at hand. Fr. Joaquin Bernas, S.J. entitled one of his articles as “a dangerously crippling decision.” Former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban stated, “Its decision would have been a great landmark.”

With this decision, the Senate’s quest to ferret for the truth is barred, somehow. The Senate is defanged by the highest court in the nation. With the decision, the search for truth is somewhat trammeled.

Has the Supreme Court become a prisoner of the executive department? Has the Supreme Court become a key of locking the search of truth? Has the GMA appointees in the Supreme Court become lapdogs of the appointer?

Whatever the reasons may be, the Supreme Court remains the highest court in the land.

But still, the decision deprived the public in search for the truth about the controversial ZTE-NBN deal.

If next time the Executive would be implicated in bribery or its kind, the Senate could not easily pursue its investigation, once executive privilege is invoked. It is one way of concealing the truth.


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