Indulge in the Philippine summer season

Anthony Chua

The month of March is about to end, signaling the start of the vacation period for Filipino students. Joining them in their respite are millions of foreign and local tourists who seize the opportunity to indulge themselves in the vivacity and warmth of the Philippine summer experience.

Summer means so much for Filipinos. This is the season when Filipinos celebrate life, relax, unwind, recharge and reflect.

The Philippines is blessed with rich and phenomenal flora, fauna, landscape, and seascape. From up above the dazzling Manila Bay sunset, touted as one of the best sunsets in the world, down to the colorful and lively depths of its seas, known to have the widest variety of oceanic species in the world, this tropical country never fails to please the senses of foreigners and natives.

Together with its natural wonders, the Philippines also showcases wonderful diversity of culture and traditions found in its inhabitants. Being the largest Roman Catholic nation in Asia, fiestas and various forms of religious events are ubiquitous. Almost every town has its own unique way of displaying the Filipinos’ religious fervor and desire to please and give thanks to the Creator. And Filipinos are ready to devote time, money and effort to make them as spectacular as they can.

Whether immersing in the beauty of its environment or involving themselves in the Filipino style of merriment, tourists can maximize their vacation in this tropical paradise. What’s more nothing can match the inexplicable experience of socializing with Filipinos who, despite the economic, political, and social unrest that they experience, still manage to be one of the happiest people in the world.


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