Pinoy workers’ malady

Anthony Chua

This May 1 expect labor unions and militant groups to crowd at Bonifacio Monument, Mendiola, and other “famous protests landmarks” in Metro Manila and other key cities across the country to uphold the living conditions of the Filipino workers. This annual event is a venue for Pinoy workers to express their exasperation to the irresponsiveness and insensitivity of the Philippine government to the same old pleas of country’s labor force, namely: more employment opportunities, wages and benefits.

If the issues are just the same, then the government should have discovered effective and feasible solutions to these, right? But seeing that queues of Filipino workers at Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) are getting longer every year, rational humans would deduce that the problem is getting worse every year.

Now, the present administration might include in its roster of accomplishments the recent citation of the Philippines as the country that has the “best migration system” by International Labor Organization (ILO) and the International Organization on Migration (IOM). But is sending Pinoy workers abroad an effective and viable solution to the Philippine labor problem? Or is it just a ploy to evade from their responsibilities to the domestic Filipino workers?

The Filipino workers are highly demanded all over the world. Our dexterity, ingenuity, versatility, work savvy and diskarte are sought by foreigners whose working force seems to be lacking in these aspects. Some of them even say that one Pinoy worker equals five or even ten of their compatriots.

Yet, since they are working on a foreign soil with foreign culture and jurisprudence, their rights and privileges herein are greatly reduced, making them easy victims of discrimination, exploitation, molestation, and oppression.

Most of them have bitten the bullet, rationalizing that it’s better to become preys to aliens than to starve to death in their native land. Why stay and work in a country where nationality has long been decaying due to self-interest and corruption?

Life has never been easy for Pinoy workers. Wherever they are, they’re hapless high-grade preys to men’s selfish motives. We just hope that a miracle will happen at the Palace high above that would make the Philippines a haven for its reliable yet underrated workers


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