When Nature Speaks, are We Ready to Listen?

Ricky Gelido

When was the last time that natural disasters consecutively hit in just a month? Do we listen to the message of nature whenever it speaks? And are we learning lessons from these?

Cyclone Nargis devastated Myanmar (Burma). No amount of junta power halted the cyclone in killing hundreds of thousands of victims. The giant which is China was not spared. China was powerless to stop the temblor of 7.9 magnitude. The Chaiten volcano in Chile spewed lava and ash prompting families to evacuate. In the Philippines, typhoon Cosme was not hindered from hitting the North, especially Pangasinan and Zambales.

Definitely, these disasters will leave scars in the face of the land and in the hearts of the victims. But they left lessons to be learned by people of all walks of life.

God speaks through nature. And when He speaks, he means it. He sends messages in various ways. Through nature is one way.

Aren’t we people nowadays so engaged in materialism that we forget our spirituality, that we forget God as we remember all about us? Aren’t we to attached to money, fame and power that we don’t seem to realize we are already detached from God? And we think that we don’t need Him anymore?

Have we thought that these are all God’s way of telling us that this life is just temporal? Have we thought that if people have power or they may be in power, there is a Greater Power which renders their “power” powerless? Have we thought that through these natural disasters, God tells us to cling on Him and not to anyone or anything in this world?

That there is a deeper meaning of all these is one lesson to learn. And that when we reflect upon the lessons, always putting our trust in God is one lesson to put into practice.

Tragedies in the past are remembered. But were the lessons left remembered also?

When nature speaks, are we ready to listen? When nature speaks, are we ready to learn?


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