Letter to PNP Task Force Usig – Harassment and Threats to Ozamis City Broadcaster

June 2, 2008

Director Jefferson Soriano
Task Force Usig
Philippine National Police

Dear Director Soriano,


We would like to lodge a formal request with your good office to investigate and take action on the case reported to us by colleagues in Ozamis City regarding the harassment and threats received by broadcaster Adonie Decena of DXSY-AM and Ronda Balita, a news production group.

Decena was manhandled and threatened by a certain Francisco “Loloy Iko” Acapulco, a former barangay official who heads the operation of a local quarry outfit, owned by a Mr. Walter Lao.

Acapulco reportedly went to Decena’s house at 12 a.m. on May 23, 2008. Witnesses saw a drunk Acapulco carrying an M-16 rifle storming the Decena household. Two armed companions of Acapulco served as lookout.

Acapulco reportedly confronted Decena about the commentary that appeared in Ronda Balita’s May 21 news production that tackled alleged abuses committed by Lao’s quarrying operation. In the commentary, Decena was quoted as the source of the allegation that named Acapulco as the perpetrator.

Ellen Pelare, Ronda Balita executive producer, said Decena has been covering the issue since 2005 and thus became the logical choice of the information about the quarrying operation.

Decena said Acapulco admitted he was mad at him because of the commentary. During their tense 45-minute confrontation, Acapulco reportedly uttered invectives and insulted Decena and the local media community. He also aimed his rifle at Decena’s mother. Acapulco also allegedly collared Decena and punched him.

Acapulco reportedly threatened to kill Decena if he would report the incident to his colleagues and pursue legal action.

We are appending the statement of the NUJP-Ozamis Chapter regarding the May 23 incident.

We trust that you will act on this case, both for the sake of Mr. Decena and the image of the local business sector involved in this incident. Mr. Decena has also reported to us his need for security as he feels that there are continuing threats to his safety even after the incident.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Jose Torres Jr.

Rowena Paraan

Jovencio R. Godoy, Jr.
President, NUJP Ozamis Chapter


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