Statement Condemning the Shooting of Dennis Cuesta

We condemn this atrocity befalling our colleague Dennis Cuesta of Radio Mindanao Network (RMN)- dxMD in General Santos City.

Cuesta used to work with RMN-dxDC Davao before transferring to General Santos City.

We are anguished by the thought of our colleague fighting for his life at a hospital in General Santos City after criminals pumped bullets in his head last Monday.

The recurrence of such dastardly crime is yet another proof that authorities are a failure in performing their obligation of prosecuting and punishing criminals.

With this incident, impunity, once more, stares us in the eye – a grim reminder of the sad reality of how dangerous still the territory remains for media persons to operate.

Cuesta is known for tackling commentaries on controversial issues like illegal gambling, graft and corruption in government and illegal drugs in his public affairs program “Straight to the Point.”

But we will not be fazed by this yet another attempt to petrify the press with fear.

We demand authorities to find the links that will lead to the solution of Cuesta’s shooting and leave no stone unturned in the quest for justice! We demand authorities to run after the criminals and masterminds and bring them to jail!

Carmelito Francisco
Chairperson, NUJP Davao


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