Fuels of Hope

Anthony Chua

The recent price hikes in petroleum prices have greatly affected world economies. From economic powerhouses such as the United States and Japan to the world’s poorest nations, every country has a story to tell about the staggering effects of oil prices. No sector in the economies of the world is spared from the increasing value of the “black gold.”

With the fast depleting world supply of oil, particularly in the Middle East, the world’s economy can face tremendous collapse if we can’t find worthy and viable alternatives.

Fortunately for mankind, technologies have been discovered, invented and innovated to offset the plunging supply of oil. Harnessing renewable energy sources such as the use of solar cells, water and wind turbines among others are on the rise. Researches done on the processing of fuels from plants, known as biofuels, are also stepped up to compensate the depletion of oil.

For us Filipinos, we have auspiciously made notable breakthroughs in this field. We are one with the rest of the world in extracting fuel from jathropa, tuba-tuba in Filipino, which was previously used by Filipino herbolarios to cure muscle sprains and bone fractures. Moreover Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay has just recently launched a handful of e-jeepneys that will serve commuters in the nation’s financial district. These public vehicles are powered by batteries that can be charged by conventional electrical outlets found in most Filipino homes.

Doomsday prophets may predict an impending world economic breakdown caused by political, economic and sundry factors. Yet the knack for discovering new technologies, ingenuity, and innovativeness is very much alive, being harnessed and still improving. Humans’ God-given gifts that are used for the mankind’s welfare are far from being extinguished. And, thank God, Filipinos are favorite recipients of His abundant endowment of knowledge, skills, and wisdom.


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