NUJP decries fresh threats against two Davao journalists

NUJP– The continuing threats against the lives of two Davao broadcasters clearly demonstrate the impunity with which those who would suppress press freedom and the search for truth are able to operate in the

A week after Erin Lumosbog, anchor of “Radyo Ronda”, a morning program of RPN-9-dxKT, exposed the alleged attempts of six councilors to extort P1.2 million from a businessman in Davao del Sur in exchange
for a permit to operate a quarry last month, he began receiving text messages threatening him with death unless he stops discussing the issue on air. He has, however, continued to tackle the controversy.

When another broadcaster, James Pala of Radyo Rapido, scored the councilors bad governance, he too, received at least three death threats.

Both broadcasters, instead of retreating in the face of the threats, invited the subjects of their reports to give their side of the story, but they were ignored.

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines decries these attempts to silence the media. Such desperate actions can only come from those who despise transparency, political maturity and integrity in governance and in dealing with a critical press. The harassment highlights the culture of violence and corruption, and an intolerance for fair and truthful reporting, that permeate the corridors of power
in this country.

We salute journalists Erin Lumosbog and James Pala for standing their ground. We call on the media community to rally around these colleagues of ours and further strengthen our unity in the face of continued attempts to repress the practice of our profession and to continue serving the best interest of the public through fair, balanced and truthful reporting.

We call on government to take concrete steps to stop the culture of impunity that emboldens those who wish to silence the critical press. #

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