Masbate businessman assaults radio broadcaster

On Sunday, Nov 16, at about 11:15 am, a Masbate broadcaster who was
assisting passengers of a passenger ferry get refunds was assaulted by
the manager of ferry operator Lobrigo Lines in Mobo town.

Cris “Bigwas” Asebuque, anchor of the daily afternoon program
“Bigwasan sa Radyo” over dyME in Masbate and publisher of the weekly
paper “Bigwasan sa Diyaryo” suffered a wound over his left eye when
John Marc Viceo allegedly hit him with a gun.

Viceo, who is also the former SK Federation president and son-in-law
of Mobo Councilor Nestor Lobrigo, arrived at the ticketing office and
without any warning,allegedly struck Asebuque.

Fearing for his life, Asebuque immediately ran to maritime police
office. Although there were allegedly two policemen in the ticketing
office, they failed to arrest Viceo.

Colleagues later told Asebuque, who is also the Vice-president of the
Masbate Tri-media Club that Viceo and some companions followed the
broadcaster to a hospital where he sought treatment but missed him.

Asebuque was also told that Viceo was irked over blind item reports
and commentaries the broadcaster made before linking the latter to the
shooting of a barangay captain.
Asebuque has already reported the incident to police and plans to file
a formal complaint versus Viceo.
He also learned from police that Viceo has filed a complaint against
him, accusing him of stealing P12,000 from their office during the

Presently, the broadcaster is still recovering from his injuries and
is unable to work. #

IFJ – NUJP Media Safety Office


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