Hoping for Change

Anthony Chua

The moment Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has been elected president of the United States, the world was astonished. For the first time in US history a black has officially become resident of the White House. And for the first time, America, being the land of the free and a melting pot of various races has finally picked a minority, more so a black, to lead them.

Change has indeed permeated in the previously discriminating and prejudiced American psyche. And this means a lot to US allies such as the Philippines.
The Filipino nation has always been a loyal ally to the Americans. Yet despite this, Filipino veterans, who fought valiantly alongside American soldiers during World War 2, have been properly honored unlike their counterparts in other countries. This is just one of the tales of discrimination faced by Filipinos in the largest bastion of democracy in the world.

And now that an president of African descent has taken the helm to steer US economy out from its disappointing slump, different nationalities the world over see Barack Obama as a savior, a hope that the US and world need for economic recovery and a new world order, a world where racist and prejudiced thinking would be replaced with equal treatment to all irrespective of race, culture, and religion, a world that would see America again as the global leader of peace and economic opportunity. Obama has a colossal task waiting for him in January next year. And Filipinos hope we’re part of his agenda for change for a better world.

The Filipino people have long been victims of discrimination. We just hope President Barack Obama, the 44th chief executive of the world’s most powerful nation shall look at Filipinos as friends, and not just tools for their global preponderance.


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