Police colonel harasses Zamboanga journalist

The deputy chief officer of the Traffic Management Group (TMG) in Zamboanga City allegedly harassed Monday afternoon a reporter for Radio Mindanao Network in Zamboanga City.

Santos Cortez, 29, was interviewing deputy chief Supt. Daniel Mayoni at the TMG office in Camp Batalla when the police officer suddenly raised his voice, saying, “Patayin mo yan, patayin mo yan, gago ka pala dinadaya mo ako.” (Turn it off, turn it off, you fool, you’re making a fool out of me) after the reporter placed nearer the recording device. Mayoni then snatched the device and slammed it on the table.

However, Cortez said Mayoni was aware that he was being recorded from the start.

“I was really embarrassed and afraid of his actions. It was my first time to encounter such behavior from a police colonel,” Cortez said.

The NUJP-Zambasulta Chapter tried but failed to talk to Mayoni about the incident. #

IFJ-NUJP Media Safety Office


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