On the Railroading of the Right of Reply Bill

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) condemns the apparent attempt to railroad the passing of the Right of Reply Bill in the House of Representatives.

For the past two days, congressmen supporting the bill have insisted on subjecting the RORB to plenary debates despite the lack of a quorum and the continued opposition of media organizations.

The proponents of the bill are trying to soften the resistance to the measure by pushing for an amended version of the bill.

But we maintain our opposition to any bill or law that seeks to require the media to publish or air statements or reactions of persons who are subjects of news reports or commentaries.

The bill, “watered down” or not, will intrude on editorial independence and makes a mockery of Press Freedom that Filipino journalists have fought and died for.

We call on our colleagues and the public to proceed to the House of Representatives, reject the bill and condemn the legislators pushing for its approval.

Nestor Burgos


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