Media and Television

The first television became commercially available by the year 1930. Since then, it became one of the most active means of media and entertainment to many people all over the world. Who would forget the black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons appeared on television by the year 1950. Or how the world watched the Apollo 11 mission to the moon via television.

Media and television gives the public access to information. It also gives every man the right to express themselves and to let the people know what they want to say. I remember when President Obama delivered his speech on the inauguration of his presidency and the world watched him live via television.

In terms of entertainment, television played a big role for the grooming of celebrities to stardom. Just how many celebrities became so popular in having television shows, or actors and actresses paved their way to the lime light by having watched by their fans screaming to see them.

Nowadays, anyone can subscribe to TV companies and watch as much as they want with tons of news and entertainment in television. There are even services that help  subscribers  having their subscriptions continue even when they have transferred from their previous location to another location( like the Directtv). Well, with the help of sattelites, that would not be impossible indeed.   My friend in California availed the services of Direct TV, and took advantage of their services. When she transferred to her new house with her family, she was able to continue having  Direct TV without any hassles. Anyway, it is just a matter of  being practical choosing the right services for what she needs. My friend is a TV lover, she will bring it anywhere (lol).

In so many cases, television is a powerful medium wherein people will be aware of the current events and present issues. Why is it so important? Well, the more you know, the more you can be a better person. There are many things we can discover on TV from so many things that TV programs provide. However, we should always be careful. Watching television is like picking between good and evil. When we watch, don’t just watch, we should learn to accept and reject, appreciate and criticize.


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