At Last, the Youth Are Heard

Anthony Chua

It is almost treated as cliché, but the national hero of the Philippines, Dr. Jose Rizal, has said it so eloquently and meaningfully that it is deemed an indispensable fact: Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan (The youth is the hope of the nation).

As Filipinos, it is a saying we always hear at home, in school and virtually everywhere. It is a conventional wisdom, a proof of nationalistic allegiance as a member of the Malay race.

Yet behind this oft-quoted maxim is another truth, this time disgraceful. As we boast Rizal’s genius, heroism and as we express our pride of being his compatriot, we, in effect, put him in shame. Because behind our advocacy for Rizal’s wisdom is the fact that majority of our youth are deprived of education.

The lack of quality education delimits Filipino youth of opportunities to develop their intellectual, emotional and spiritual faculties. It delimits their chances to improve into well developed human beings capable to give a better future to the country.

The organizers of the Youth Concert and Convention (YCon con): Isang Araw Lang, The Sequel offers the proceeds of event to address this problem. The concert not only staged popular bands and performers, the proceeds will provide for entirely free education for willing students with the establishment of La Verdad Christian School in Caloocan City. The school gives education complete with books, uniforms, and even meals, for free. It only needs the commitment and dedication of the students to pursue their studies until graduation.

Like his movie Isang Araw Lang, which benefits the outreach projects of UNTV37, Kamanggagawa Foundation and Ang Dating Daan of Bro. Eli Soriano, Kuya Daniel Razon’s brainchild concert showed that the values and virtues championed by our heroes can be revived and be realized by modern day Filipino youth.

What’s more touching is that thousands of youth supported Kuya Daniel Razon’s cause, proving that the youth indeed are the hope of the nation.


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