Pass the Freedom of Information Bill Now!

In a few days time, Congress will wrap up its session to give way to the start of the election campaign period. It will reconvene in July with a hopefully, new, interesting and more dynamic set of lawmakers and with more progressive national policies to craft.

But many of these significant bills are also pending in both chambers and are up for bicameral approval this week.

One of these is the Freedom of Information Bill, which will have a key role in ensuring clean, orderly and peaceful elections in May in the short term, and good governance, transparency in public service and people-empowerment, in the long term.

The Philippines will conduct its first ever nation-wide automated elections in May and the Filipino electorate and the whole world are just as eager to see how this historic event will impact on the country’s electoral democracy, which has been described as elitist, violent and controversial.

Surely, the passage of Freedom of Information Bill will help give the media greater leeway to capture this historic conjuncture for the general public to witness.

We therefore urge house and senate leaders to pass the Freedom of Information which is now in its final stage of deliberation in the bicameral conference. #