Ampatuan Massacre victim’s family reports presence of suspicious men outside home

The family of Victor Nunez, one of the 32 journalists and media workers killed in the November 23, 2009 Ampatuan Massacre in Ampatuan town, Maguindanao, has reported the presence of two suspicious-looking men outside their home in a town near Cagayan de Oro City yesterday, December 10, 2010.


Catherine Nunez, mother of Victor Nunez of UNTV, said neighbors told her husband that the two men came Thursday morning at about 7 am and again at about 10 am asking directions to the compound of the Nunez family. Neighbors told her husband that the two burly men, who were on board a motorcycle, did not remove their motorcycle helmets while asking for directions.


The neighbors said the men  also inquired, in heavily accented Tagalog, about the layout of the roads within the vicinity of the Nunez home.


Nunez said their neighbors first noticed men on board a motorcycle seemingly surveying the neighborhood a week ago but became suspicious when the men began asking specifically for directions to the Nunez family compound.


Nunez said she has reported the matter to the authorities but said no action has so far been made to provide security protection to the family.




Rowena Paraan

Jb R. Deveza


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