Joint NUJP and CCJD statement on Dr. Gerry Ortega’s killing

Joint Statement of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP)

and Center for Community Journalism and Development (CCJD)

Today, we commit Dr. Gerry Ortega to the earth he loved and for which he offered his life.

As we do so, we vow that the ideals of freedom of expression and ideas, a free press, and the truth, which he embodied in life, do not die with him but will flourish in the service of the people’s right to know.

Neither shall we rest until we find justice for Doc Gerry’s death and for the 141 other colleagues murdered before him since 1986. We demand that government order all investigating agencies to get their acts together and conduct a unified, coordinated and transparent investigation, leaving no stone unturned until all those responsible, especially the masterminds, are caught and punished.

We demand that government secure Doc Gerry’s family and all witnesses, and provide them with all the assistance they deserve.

Lastly, we demand, in light of persistent reports of a possible escalation of violence against our colleagues in Palawan, that government guarantee their safety and nip in the bud any and all threats. If any more blood is spilled, we will hold government accountable.

January 29, 2011


Rowena Paraan, NUJP secretary-general

Red Batario, CCJD executive director

4/L FSS Bldg. # 89 Sct. Castor corner
Sct. Tuason Street (near T. Morato Ave),
Bgry. Laging Handa,
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel.: (+632) 3767330
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Report it to NUJP’s Threat Hotlines:
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“There can be no press freedom if journalists
exist in conditions of corruption, poverty or fear”



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